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Investing in gold or dollars, which is better?

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We would all like to make money simply and safely, in short, invest better. And in the world of investments there is an alternative for all profiles: you can choose vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even lemon, of all kinds of flavors, for all types of people.

Of course, if someone tells you that there are investments with zero risk, flee!, surely it is some scammer. Remember: there are always risks.

This is why before investing you must know in depth the options and understand which one is best for you. Within the large portfolio of possibilities, we can find two that attract the attention of a large number of potential investors: gold and dollars.

Before you run to your jewelry store to buy gold rings and earrings or go to the nearest exchange house and exchange all your savings into dollars, you have to read this to know what to invest money in.

The truth about gold…

One of the great urban myths says that investing in gold does not carry any kind of risk. This is not true, gold does not assure you a steady profit. According to Roberto A. Ruarte, advisor in financial markets, during the period from 2000 to 2008 when the dollar had moments of weakness, the one that benefited was gold. This type of behavior has been constant: the dollar up, gold down and vice versa.

However, gold (in physical) will never be worth zero. This is a guarantee so that although there is always a risk, it is lower and that acquiring gold can give you some security.

But, waters!

There are “investment houses” that offer you to buy gold and have it physically in some distant country whose name you can not even pronounce and offer you the option of inviting people and becoming a “trader”. The truth is that they are “MLM” companies that work under the Ponzi scheme and are definitely not the best way to invest. Approach your bank, some have gold investment options in some special branches.

You can also search for La Casa de Moneda de México which has all the purchase validity you need to invest. The requirements are that payments are exclusively by electronic transfers (SPEI), the maximum purchase amount is $ 50,000 plus shipping costs and the payment must be made before 14:00 p.m. on the day the purchase was made, sounds like a movie, right?

Eye: investing in gold is for those who already have a while experimenting with other instruments in a positive way. If you are interested, you could start small as it helps you diversify your investments, and incidentally serves to analyze how the market moves, be cautious, do not launch as if there was no tomorrow.

And what about the Benjamin Franklins?

According to the latest global survey conducted by Black Rock, Mexicans do not feel safe investing in their country, which results in 52% of those who invest by buying cash, for example, dollars.

But we must remember that the value of currencies moves according to many factors, if you invest in dollars or any other currency, these can play for or against. Some of them are: the political, social and economic situation of a country.

Imagine that suddenly, without anyone imagining it, the president of the United States resigns; The political and economic stability of the entire country would begin to be vulnerable and the value of the dollar could rise… Or it could also go down and you who had your savings from years ago invested in dollars. This example, although extremist, can give you an idea that any situation could have repercussions on your investments.

In short…

  • The dollar may have big rises and good yields, but be prepared for big falls.
  • Beware of MLM companies that offer you gold investment services, they are very complicated and the trend is more inclined to lose than to win.
  • It is difficult to predict the behavior of currencies due to social, political and economic factors that can affect their returns.
  • Remember that to have good returns you have to know how to wait, most investments are long-term.
  • If your dilemma is gold or dollars, I totally recommend that you choose gold or even silver, do not forget that metals do not depreciate as much as any currency.

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