Proper Care of Indoor String Lights

Without proper care, even the highest quality and toughest pieces will not last for very long. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how it takes good care of the accessories. The following tips will come in handy in regards to proper care of indoor string lights.

Use Them in the Right Setting

As clearly stated, these are indoor lights. So why would you use them outdoors? Chances are they aren’t build to withstand the outdoor environment. They will get messed by the elements since they won’t be waterproof and weatherproof. Too much moisture, dust and dirt may find its way inside the connections and other parts. This may lead to corrosion, rust, and short circuiting. Besides, since the outdoor environment is much tougher, the materials may start deteriorating sooner rather than later. It’s critical that you use them on indoors as specified by the manufacturer.

Avoid Pulling Them Too Hard

Like any other product, the lights are designed to be handled gently. It doesn’t matter if they look very solid or heavy-duty. They comprise of fine wires which can easily get broken, the contacts may also come loose or even break a hence making the accessory not to function well. You should unwrap them from the park gently, handle within with care, and also ensure you install them cautiously. Avoid folding them too much, pulling them or stepping or seating on them. If you do this, you’ll definitely have them around for a long time.

Don’t Expose Them to Lots of Heat

One mistake many people make is to expose them to much heat. They will do this knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, they may place them near a lamp, lighting fixture, fireplace, heat exchanger, and other places. The high heat will lead to the accessory warping or melting. It will also get scorched and burnout. This definitely shortens the lifespan. You should make certain that they are fitted in a cool place.

Don’t Leave Them Turned On For Too Long

Modern lights have become more energy efficient and durable than earlier types. They will emit brighter lighting and consumer lower energy. They can also last for a longer period and will remain consistent. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t leave them turned on for too long. First, this wastes energy and will increase the power bills. Secondly, it shortens the lifespan since there is increased wear and tear. Third, they are likely to get too hot and start melting or burn out.

Store Them Properly

How you store them will influence how long they will last. If you simply fold them roughly and pack them in a box, they will not last for long. If you place them together with other things, this also shortens their lifespan. Always store them on in their own in a nice location. Roll them gently, without tugging them and place them in a nice and clean location. Don’t put then together with hard, tough or sharp objects. Once stored ensure you place them in a cool dry place.

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