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Requirements to open a business in Mexico


Are you determined to undertake? Do you know what procedures and permits to open a business in Mexico you need?

If your answer is no, you must understand that, in addition to having the idea of the project, the budget and the market to which it is directed, it is necessary to manage various procedures and permits to avoid future legal problems, such as fines, temporary suspensions or, in the worst case: the definitive closure of the business.

In the opening of businesses there are two types of procedures that depend on the type of service or product that your company is going to offer.

The procedures and general permits are the same in all cases and are mandatory for any type of business you want to undertake in Mexico. The specialized ones are only required if the Law requires them for the turn of your services.

Procedures and permits to open a business in Mexico (whatever the type of product or service you offer):

Authorization of use of denomination or company name

If you already have the name with which you are going to advertise your business and you will advertise in your offices or premises, avoid problems and request your authorization of denomination or corporate name to the Ministry of Economy through the page “Your company”.

The name or corporate name are the words and characters that make up the name of a society or association.

With this request for authorization to use the name you chose, you will be able to distinguish your business from others, it will have legal effects and you will be able to issue various documents without problems.

Single Zoning Certificate/Land Use Permit

The Land Use Permit in Mexico City is processed before the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (SEDUVI). In this procedure you will receive a unique zoning certificate that is a public document in which the use or destination that intends to be given to a property or premises and the land use that corresponds to it is recorded.

In addition, the document certifies what type of land use you are allowed conditional or prohibited to use. To obtain it, now it is no longer necessary that you go to the offices of SEDUVI, but you can process it online with the option: Digital Certificate.

To apply for your zoning certificate online, don’t forget to have on hand:

  • Property account number.
  • Email.
  • Data of the payment of rights for this procedure.

Notice of Declaration of Opening of Commercial Establishments

The Notice of Declaration of Opening is a free procedure that must be carried out by natural or legal persons interested in operating a commercial establishment. In Mexico City, if you do not have time to go in person, you can do it online through the Electronic System of Notices and Permits of Commercial Establishments. Here you can enter permit applications, registrations or authorizations for the opening and operation of your business.

To carry out this procedure, you must previously have your Zoning Certificate

In the event that your business operates in another State, you must process it directly at the offices or website of the corresponding Municipality.

Registration with the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC)

It is very important to register with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, under the regime that best suits the line of your business.

If you are a legal entity once you register the corporate name or corporate name of your company, you can register up to one month after starting activities. Do not forget that in any activity that generates income, you are obliged to issue electronic invoices and this is only possible if you have your Tax Identification Card issued by the SAT.

If you have workers, you must submit electronic payroll receipts for the payments and withholdings you make. You must request the appointment to enroll in the RFC on the SAT page.

Registration with the IMSS (Social Security)

Registering your company with the IMSS is a mandatory requirement whether or not you have workers in charge. To carry out this procedure online, you must have your CURP, Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL) and email at hand. You must do it within a period not exceeding 5 days of starting activities. You can also do this online as well.

Registration in the Mexican Business Information System

According to the Law of Business Chambers and their Confederations, all shops, shops, factories, workshops or businesses must register with the Mexican Business Information System (SIEM). By enrolling your business in the SIEM, you will have the opportunity to increase your sales, access special information from suppliers and potential customers, as well as obtain data on business support initiatives and learn about government tenders and procurement programs.

Now, since you are informed of all the procedures and permits to open a Business in Mexico, carrying out all the procedures can be very exhausting since you must allocate time and effort to manage them. On the other hand, if you do not have the conditions to order the documentation, do not forget that you can authorize someone else to manage them in your name and representation.

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