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Types of investments, which one suits you?


Let’s face it, humans are rarely happy with what we have and more when it comes to our financial life. We always wish we had a better car, a bigger house, a bank account with more zeros, better personal finances. But it is possible, there are options that allow us to earn more money and gradually approach our dream financial situation.

The safe option: work

That’s right, working will always be the safest option to get money or have an extra income. Think that in addition to your full-time job, you can look for options related to your hobbies so you can have some money for “your gum”.

The dreamer option: winning the lottery

I’m sorry to tell you but, the chance of winning the lottery is almost nil, according to the magazine of High Level the probability is one in 5 million in a draw of $ 30 million pesos. So we better forget about this option.

The option where you win if you take risks: investments

With this type of investment there is a way in which the effort can be little and the profit can be “juicy”, but it all depends on the level of risk you are willing to take.

Despite what we might think, investments are not reduced to this image we have of Leonardo Di Caprio in the Wolf of Wall Street where thanks to the stock market you become an eccentric billionaire.

The world of investments is usually very interesting and varied, so you can find an option for yourself. From investing in currencies, investing in gold or star wars, there is surely an alternative that suits our budget and level of risk.

Before deciding how to invest your money, we recommend that you know a little more about some types of investments, from the most traditional to others more unusual and see which one suits your personal finances.

Now I explain what types of investments you can find:

Investment funds

According to the BMV or Mexican Stock Exchange, funds are investment vehicles responsible for raising, investing and managing resources. In simpler terms, by putting our money in an investment fund we are together with other investors adding a greater amount of money to buy assets and earn larger amounts when investing it.

Remember that for this type of investment, diversification is the key to success. Never put all your eggs in one basket, look for information that helps you understand which is the best option for you and that investing money becomes a success and not a failure in your finances.

If you would like to have an idea of what your returns would be based on your investment and your term, you can use the performance calculator of the Mexican Stock Exchange that will help you make a prediction of your returns when investing money.

Invest in currencies, metals, jewelry among others


Remember we talked about risk levels? Well, this type of investment requires that you have high tolerance, the volatility of currencies, that is, other currencies such as the dollar, can fluctuate or change from one day to the next due to various situations: political, social, economic and even cultural situations.

This is why you should keep in mind that when investing in currencies it will be an investment that puts your money at stake to variables out of your hands.

On the other hand, gold and silver exist what is called base and cobase define their value based on their price and an estimate of future contracts, so you should also be aware of the investment process of these metals so that it really is a safe investment and that gives you good returns.

Metals and jewelry, in addition to being an investment is a luxury that you can wear, so if you decide to go for this option and, in turn, want to use them, be cautious so as not to suffer any mishap that may end up not only ending your investment but damaging your integrity.

A key point is that if you want to invest in these items, first consult with an expert so that you are making a purchase / sale without putting your money at risk.

Other types of investments

Collectibles, art collections, toys, in short, there are a lot of alternatives that can help us, through objects evaluated with a high cost, to earn some extra money.

This type of investment is an unviable option, since you need a captive audience that wants or needs the item you have and is willing to pay large sums for it. Or at least to pay more money than you pay for it in the first place.

It is not the most advisable way to invest, since you can run the risk of buying fake pieces or things that may not have as much value in the market.

In an article in El Economista, Javier Lumbreras, a specialist in the art market, mentions that works of art are a great way to diversify your money when you want to invest, but that Mexico is still a booming market. There are also virtual currencies, but that will be another topic that I will be talking about in depth in my next article, so do not miss it.

It would be very complicated to explain all the ways to invest; However, you can already have a general idea of what type of investment you can add to your list of goals for better personal finances.

Do not forget that before putting your money in something, research, read, know everything about the subject so you can get the most out of your money and do not end up losing everything. Here we give a super quick test to know what yours would be.

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