Beautiful and Multi-Purpose: Sideboards from Bellavista Collection

If you are at home right now, please pause reading and look around. Did you notice what a load of stuff an average room has? Even if you are an adept of minimalistic interiors, you own plenty of paraphernalia no one can do without – clothes for all seasons, bedding, cosmetics, lots of little things, and much, much more.

It means that you need furniture pieces to store all this stuff in. Well, clothes are usually kept in a wardrobe, but what about other things? For them, you need something with plenty of storage space. What is more, this furniture should blend into the interior of your room and desirably serve as something else as well – a table, for example. Bellavista Collection, the well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture pieces, has a great solution to this problem.


Grand-looking (like actually everything designed and manufactured by the brand), these pieces are versatile indeed. Along with storage space, they can serve as, say, console tables, TV stands, or even as space partitioners in an open floor plan apartment.

To see the cherry-picked selection of Bellavista’s sideboards, first open the menu on the brand’s website and choose PRODUCTS; then select the product category named CASEGOODS. Here you can see four sub-categories, one of them is SIDEBOARDS.

There are only twelve items there, but you’ll instantly notice how diverse they are.

Just compare LUIS, lavishly decorated with metal details, forming a nice rounded pattern – and TOKYO, with nontrivial design of its feet and highlighted natural beauty of wood.  Or relatively tall, narrow LONDON – and MADISON, which is three meters (118.1 inches) wide.

Each sideboard comes in so many options that you’ll definitely find one that will exactly blend into the interior of your home, whatever style you prefer.

Equally Beautiful and Versatile: Just a Few Examples

Exquisite sideboards from Bellavista Collection will come in handy in any room of any house or apartment.

Let’s take a look at a few variants – of course, you can well come up with many more.

For example, both CORVETTE and MILANO will make an excellent TV stand – in addition to being roomy sideboards. The reason is simple. When you place a TV onto them, the center of the screen will be approximately at your eye level (supposing, you will be sitting in a relaxed manner on a sofa or in an armchair). It means that you won’t strain your necks when watching TV. If you are going to use a sideboard as a TV stand, it should be about fifty centimeters high, or a bit more. Both CORVETTE and MILANO fit this requirement: they are 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) high.

Their widths and depths are also similar. CORVETTE is 51 centimeters deep (20.1 inches), and MILANO is 50 centimeters (19.7 inches).

Both are rather wide: MILANO is 275 centimeters (108.4 inches) and CORVETTE is 300 centimeters (or 118.1 inches). It means that they can well be used as space partitioners in a large room.

CORVETTE was created in 2017; MILANO is two years younger: this elegant sideboard was designed and first showcased at trade exhibitions in 2019.

Both are made of solid wood and come in lots of veneering options. For MILANO, eleven attractive woods are offered, as to CORVETTE, you’re welcome to choose among ten options. Grey sukupira, ebony, rosewood, dark tanganika frisè – these lovely exotic woods perfectly harmonize with bronzed glass of its inside shelving, as well as with antique bronze finish of the base and handles. So will natural and stained oak and walnut – six ones in total.

Both these sideboards offer marble top insets as an option. If you order Milano, you’ll be choosing between Emperador Dark Brown and Invisible Grey marble. The CORVETTE’s top inset could be made in either of Calacatta, Striato Grey, Carrara, or Pulpis marble.

Also, there is one trait that makes MILANO special: its cast brass base and handles, as well as the brass sheets the drawers cladded in, are coated with a finish named Nuvola. This word is Italian for “a cloud”, and this finish looks really impressive.  In fact, the most used finish in Bellavista is called ‘antique bronze’; as it’s clear from the name, it imitates the surface of old bronze. It’s an absolute favorite. This finish looks noble and harmonizes with most of the wood options, as well as marble, leather, glass and other materials. In addition, Bellavista’s craftsmen apply several other beautiful finishes, such as Nero Bellavista, black patina, gold leaf, silver leaf, to name a few.

Perfect for any living-room

Let’s take a look at PHILIPPE, which comes in a great variety of options. To begin with, its structure could be crafted out of two kinds of ashwood and three kinds of walnut.

Besides, its doors, sides, and frontal parts of its drawers could be padded in leather or brass with antique bronze finish, giving them distinct look.  These variants of PHILIPPE are named PHILIPPE METAL and PHILIPPE LEATHER.

As to the size, this sideboard has three options that differ in width: they could be 200, 250 or 300 centimeters wide (78.7, 98.4, and 118.1 inches respectively). For the narrowest ones, 200 cm. wide, there are two versions: the first one has two doors, two drawers, two inner shelves in bronzed glass, and one deep drawer. The second variant has four doors and one shelf in bronzed glass.

 The sideboards, which are 300 and 250 cm. wide, have four doors, two drawers and one deep drawer, plus two inner shelves in bronzed glass.

Or what about GOLDEN BRIDGE – Bellavista’s bestseller ever since September 2018, when it was first displayed at Maison&Objet – a prestigious semiannual exhibition held in Paris?

GOLDEN BRIDGE comes in ten kinds of veneering woods, including ebony, rosewood, grey sukupira, black sycamore, natural American walnut and oak, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, grey stained oak, and moka stained oak. Also, its optional marble top inset can be made of four lovely kinds of marble: white-colored calacatta, yellowish breccia damascata, greyish Striato grey with attractive stripes and magnificent Emperador Dark Brown marble.

All in all, whatever sideboard from Bellavista Collection you prefer, you’ll get a piece of ingenious design and top quality. Any of these furniture pieces will relieve your room from clutter, make it look tidier and feel cozier. And, considering the impeccable quality Bellavista Collection is known for, this sideboard can well serve your grandchildren in a few decades, remaining as beautiful as it was on the day you purchased it.

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