Buying Canvas Prints Of Paintings For Home and Office 

If you are thinking of buying a painting for your home or office, it means that the interior has been finished after time-consuming repairs and finishes, that the furniture has been placed, and that only the final accent is missing. canvas prints of artworks have a lot of energy and can brighten up any space, giving it a sense of completeness in aspects of style and comfort.

There are nuances in the selection of canvas prints. It is useful, for example, to consider how the color palette of the painting will affect the atmosphere of the room.


Nighthawks Edward Hopper Print

The size of the canvas print 

When you decide to buy prints on canvas, the size of the room will dictate its own rules. Large images should not be bundled into small spaces with low ceilings. Pay attention to the fact that the painting will look better from a distance equal to two diagonals of the canvas when calculating the correct size. Step away from the wall at a distance and see how the painting looks on the wall.

Also, to harmonize the space, it is necessary to correlate the size of the canvas print and the surrounding furniture items. When placing an artwork over a sideboard or sofa, a canvas about two-thirds the length of the furniture will look good.

High ceilings will allow you to hang pictures one above the other, or hang a high vertically oriented picture or a full-length portrait.

The plot of prints.

The print should continue the main theme of the interior. If the room is designed in an oriental style, a landscape with Russian birches or a still life with flowers is unlikely to be suitable. If there is no underlying story in the interior, the possibilities for selecting a canvas print are practically limitless. To keep the created interior from becoming monotonous, purchase several paintings and rotate them to new locations on a regular basis. In this case, the works will be revealed in a new way each time, and you will notice details that you did not notice before.

The Dance Matisse Print

Hanging a canvas print on a wall.

Traditionally, paintings are hung on the walls using special painting hangers. However, there are other options for hanging paintings. Paintings that are leaning against a wall on a table, chest of drawers, or sideboard look great. Large paintings can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Also possible to hang canvas prints on the shelves, especially if they are small. Paintings on easels will create a creative atmosphere.

But, most importantly, choose a picture that you like so that it will please you for a long time.

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