As a man, buying the right lingerie for your woman could be one of the most challenging tasks. You must think about

  • What kind of lingerie to buy?
  • What size does your partner wear?
  • What is her preferred color?

As a man, how are you supposed to know all of these without asking unnecessary questions that will let the cat out of the bag and won’t make it a surprise anymore?

Before buying lingerie, there are a few things to consider. First, make no mistake or you will end up on the living room sofa. What are your likes and dislikes?

Remember that this is not what you are going to wear, it is just to get yourself something that your partner loves. If she likes it, it will show, and she just added another notch to her belt. If she doesn’t like lacy, ruffle, and sheer plush toys and you end up buying one, then good luck with your clothes. Because it is now more like you throwing your money out the window because the lingerie that she doesn’t like goes to the big black hole at the bottom of your laundry drawer.

If you want to get an idea of ​​what she likes, look in her lingerie drawer. Look at the materials she currently has in her lingerie drawer. Find out which type she likes, and most importantly, check the size. Even when you don’t remember anything, remember the size.

If you give her something too big, all you are doing indirectly might be mentally telling her that she is overweight. If you make it too small, she might find it funny if you’re lucky, or she might think that’s your way of telling her that she needs to lose a few pounds.

These are based on several experiences from various men and trust me, you don’t want to be caught up in this kind of situation.

If the label says “control”, don’t go there because items like that are used to flatten or firm the waist and butt.  If the lingerie in her drawer isn’t what you want, then make it easier for you both, get her two things, one for her and one for you.

If the store you are buying the lingerie from has gift wrapping. Spend a few extra dollars on gift wrapping for a better presentation. Think of it as a point of sale for a new customer. If you decide to wrap it yourself to save a few bucks, at least go out and buy some new wrapping paper that she didn’t buy. Trust me, she knows the wrapping paper hidden in her closet and if you go ahead to use that same paper, then you just messed it all up. If you are not comfortable shopping for lingerie at a retail store, look for stores online that sell lingerie.

What should you look out for?

There are all kinds of lingerie you can imagine and some you didn’t even know existed! Ask yourself what your intentions are and understand the reason for the purchase. If you’re trying to tell her that she’s the love of your life, a crotchless or dirty outfit isn’t enough. But if it’s your birthday or Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably get a much better response.

If you buy lingerie just for fun, be careful. Either of two things can happen. The first thing is that she might be so shocked and think about how considerate you are, then one thing leads to another.

Secondly, you buy some sexy lingerie, and she is wondering what your fault is or who you saw in that lingerie that you now want her to also wear.

This really depends on the relationship you have with your partner. There are so many variations and styles that it’s hard to understand. Find something that’s not too hard to put on. Don’t buy lingerie that she doesn’t understand. If she can’t put it on, you’ll have to make an effort to take it off. Solo bras are available in a variety of styles including raised, low cut, gel-filled, padded, underwired, seamless, backless, strapless, with open cups and no padding. You might want to do some research online and look for something that isn’t too complicated, by making the necessary research before buying, you are saving yourself from unnecessary stress.

When shopping for a bra and panties set, go back to your partner’s lingerie drawer, and see her bra and panties size. Sometimes they are the same size. But it would be terrible if you bought her a bra and she was more talented than other women. Many stores carry panties and bras sets, but they also sell them individually so you can mix and match. You would think that panties Would be easy to choose. I mean, for women, they have control briefs, classic briefs, hipsters, boy shorts, high-cut briefs, thongs, and bikinis., Strings and strings of different varieties. Check her drawer, see what he has. It’s okay she might probably not get mad even if she catches you. but if you can do it while she’s away, then it would be better.

Unfortunately, it can be just as complex with sleepwear. There is nightwear called baby-doll pajamas. They usually have matching knickers, a revealing V-neckline, very thin straps, and are usually made of satin or silk. Most women like satin and silk. Their mood changes when they wear silk or satin. Especially when it is a little fancy! They’ll probably not yell at you while wearing these clothes. However, if you feel like her breasts are too big, too small, saggy, or her tummy is too big, avoid baby-doll pajamas.

Then there are the shirts and briefs. They are like baby-doll pajamas but are slightly longer and better equipped to hide problem areas for women. As busts, backs, or bellies, and generally of satin or silk.

The dresses are like the nightgown but in a longer version. Again, it has a variety of styles ranging from see-through to lace and something more subtle. A bathrobe is also available.

Pajamas might not look very sexy, but if they are silky and have buttons on the front, they can make your woman very sexy, especially if she is tall.

A good place to look for lingerie to spice up your love life is the My Lily online lingerie store. They have a wide variety of lingerie and toys for every occasion. They offer a wide choice of corsets, teddies, baby dolls, fishnet stockings, suspenders, and crotchless panties. These items are generally not available in other regular stores. Online stores will have endless variations and options compared to retail stores. You also have online privacy, you won’t meet your neighbor, pastor, or an old friend. in the mall while shopping for her sexy lingerie.

The type of underwear you buy for your partner depends a lot on their self-esteem. Many older women love cute teddy bears, but some avoid them for fear of showing off too much. Most lingerie stores have plus-size lingerie that is a little less revealing. Regardless of your shape or size, lingerie makes you feel and look sexy and when that happens, the good things always stand in your way.

In conclusion, if you follow the plan above, your chances of success are much higher. If you buy what she wants, not just what you want, then some good things will come. Size, height, height, waist. Choose the right size and don’t forget to keep your receipt.

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