Shopify Liquid and Shopify API – information for beginners

Shopify Liquid and Shopify API – information for beginners

The configuration of the online store allows for its extensive personalization. The tools that are made available to users on the Shopify platform allow you to modify the code and configure access to the online store only for authorised users. Here’s the basics of Shopify Liquid and the Shopify API.

  • Shopify Liquid – select and modify a template
  • Shopify themes and Liquid code – how to use it
  • Shopify API

Shopify Liquid – select and modify a template

Do you want to create your online store? You can do this using the Shopify platform. The basic thing you will need is a shop template. Its choice has a large impact on how your brand will be perceived and whether it will be visually attractive and intuitive enough in navigation for customers who want to make purchases on it.

In Shopify, you can choose from hundreds of templates and then customise them to suit your needs. Knowing the basics of Shopify Liquid will come in handy for this. This is an open source template language created by Shopify. It is used by Shopify stores, many different software projects and numerous web applications.

To properly handle and modify a template, you need to know the basic logical and comparative operators. Thanks to them, you can make a lot of personalisation in dynamic content and static content.

Shopify themes and Liquid code – how to use it

If you’re building your first Shopify store, you can use a Liquid template and edit code by yourself. Basic knowledge will be enough to solve numerous problems, render dynamic content thanks to the available documentation and use ready-made examples.

Each Liquid template uses Liquid objects (global objects, shop object, article object), Liquid filters (array filters, string filters), Liquid tags (output tags, control flow tags, theme tags, variable tags) and Liquid file.

You can learn more about Liquid code and its use in the well-prepared documentation. The large Shopify community is also a good source of information.

Shopify API

Shopify API is also very important in eCommerce. It is a system for transferring information between several applications. Shopify API allows you to control the store’s assortment, discount codes, promotions, etc. Thanks to appropriate security, only authorised persons have access to modify the content of the store. Shopify’s themes also include APIs such as Section Rendering API and Ajax API. Detailed documentation is also available for the Shopify API.

Both the ability to use Shopify Liquid and the ability to configure the Shopify API are important in creating a unique and secure online store.

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