Six Interesting things at Bali Safari and Marine Park

Dewata Island has become one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia as well as in the international environment. Compared to the amount of local tourists, there are more foreign tourists on this island.

Bali indeed holds lots of its beauty from the natural tourist attractions, such as Bali Safari and Marine Park. This tourist destination is very suitable for a family vacation, especially with children.

The Charms of Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park are well-managed by Taman Safari Group Indonesia have been recognized for more than 20 years as the expert in the conservation of various animals. Bali Safari Park location is located at Gianyar regency specifically at Bypass Street Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra KM 19,8.

This place is open from 9 am to 7 pm, with various interesting things that are available for the visitors, such as:

1. 60 Rare Animal Species

Thousands of unique and lovely species live at this Safari Park which you can directly see at close range. Several species that are almost extinct also can be found here such as Komodo, Sumatra Tiger, White Starling, Bali Myna, and also Orangutans.

2. Getting Around by Car

The safety and security of visitors are surely guaranteed because while getting around, you will take an open window car that runs slowly while the animals are doing their activities just like in their wild nature.

3. Night Safari

You can feel a thrilling sensation that challenges your adrenaline when you join the night tour by taking a car ride at Bali Safari and Marine Park. The car will stop at the Tiger’s cage, which will climb on top of the car’s roof with fresh meat as the bait.

But don’t worry, this car has been specially designed so that the tiger will not hurt the tourists. Even so, you will still feel fear and alert. Besides tigers, you will also be able to see elephants and giraffes on this night tour.

4. Bali Agung Show

After the thrilling experience on the night tour, you can wind down your mind and refresh your soul by enjoying the Bali Agung Show that presents a performance from hundreds of dancers accompanied by music with several animals such as birds and elephants.

5. Fun Zone

This place has become one of the most exciting zones for children because they can enjoy many different interesting attractions such as Go-Go Bouncer, Mary Go Around, and Climbing Car. There is also a swimming pool and water slide.

6. Riding an Elephant

If getting around by car is too ordinary, then you must try riding an elephant to get around the parking area with an experienced tour guide that will make sure of your safety while on the elephant’s back.

After enjoying Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can visit Campuhan Ridge Bali to refresh once more at the green hill area that is still located in the same regency but a different sub-district which is at Ubud with only about 38 minutes driving.

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